Friday, September 20, 2013

Work is stupid...throw rocks at it.

"Don't make me live for my Friday nights, drinking 8 pints and getting in fights."
                                                             -Jamie Cullum from the song Twentysomething

Good Morrow Mi Familia,

It's 11:37 pm Friday as I set out to write this. For the next 48 hours I don't gave to report my place of employment. For the next 24 hours this is going to feel amazing! Come Sunday night the depression sets in. I find in a few hours I'll have to report to work again...waiting...for the next weekend to come. This wouldn't be so bad if I actually enjoyed my job. Sometimes I do but to get to the good moments I have to endure all the garbage. 5 days of garbage for 2 days of freedom. It's wearing me down.

On my road to financial freedom I've been reading a lot of blogs and listening to a ton of podcasts.
One blog that had captured my attention is Dividend Mantra. The author, Jason, is already 3 years into a journey similar to the one I'm on. With his friend Kraig of Young Cheap Living they created The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast. In episode 3 they talk about and article written by Steve Pavilina outlining 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Job.

At the onset, the title alone feels very counter intuitive. Yes, we have to work to get the money to buy the things we need and want. For the majority of us work=job. Some of us are fortunate to have jobs we love and are fulfilled by. Me? Not so much. I'm working now to put myself in a position where I don't HAVE to work...and soon! I want to touch on three key points in the article that really drive home what I'm trying to accomplish.

  • Jobs put a cap on your finances. Most people can only work one job at a time, limiting your income. You don't earn money when your not working. And no, paid vacation days don't count. When you do actually get paid you have to pour those resources right back into job relates expenses (i.e. transportation, lunches, supplies etc.).

  • Jobs are time leeches. I get out of bed and get ready for work at around 9am. I get home at about 9pm. That means five days a week 50% of my day is spent getting ready for work, driving to work, working or coming home from work. For the remaining 12 hours I either don't get enough sleep because I have limited time to do non-work related activities, or I get nothing done because I'm running on empty and pass out sleeping.

  • Jobs keep YOU from being YOU. Have you ever had a co-worker who was really passionate and outspoken about work when they talk to you but suddenly turn as quiet as a church mouse when you all are in a meeting? I recently had a one-on-one with my supervisor where she noted that she doesn't feel like she's ever gotten to see "the real me". She couldn't be more right. I feel defeated every day that I walk into those double doors. I try to soldier on but it's wearing on me bit by bit.
So how do we fix this?? Keep following this blog so you can see what I do, when I do it and how I'm doing it!

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